That’s what we stand for

To promote education and health!

The aim of the association is to offer young people more chance for education and in the long run to help them to a better life. The kindergarten Meschede in Gambia e.V. has developed various activities and offers since 1996. In three Gambian locations Preschool kindergartens with 400 spaces have been built and are continuously financially supported and attended.

The first kindergarten was founded in 1998 in a village called Dimbava which is located on the southern border to Senegal. Dimbaya,

In May 1998 on the request of the village community of Tubakuta the second location came along. With the strong support of the village community an additional kindergarten emerged in May 2000. Tubakuta
The third kindergarten was inaugurated in 2002. The association had an office, a warehouse and an apartment for visitors in the village Sanyan close to the sea.In 2002 wurde der dritte Kindergarten eingeweiht. Sanyang

Giving chances

Children in Gambia go to school when they are seven or eight years old, a lot of them without any knowledge of English. For them it’s nearly impossible to finish the school successfully. The core of your work is therefore the work in our three preschool kindergartens.


The children in the age of three to nine are taught in English to make the start into elementary school easier for them. Half of the children are girls this is by no means normal in this country.


Part of the daily routines in the kindergarten is sports, health education, music, dance and the helping with gardening as well as a daily free of charge breakfast.


Preschool teachers, cooks, gardeners and security staff are working for the kindergarten. The kindergarten Meschede in Gambia e.V. offers 40 Gambians a job.


Our impact up to today

  • 100 students get there school tuition paid for high school.
  •  The approximately 30 educational coworkers are regularly trained.
  •   Interested people from Germany can make an internship in the Gambian institutions.


  •   The plenty aid transports help the Gambians to become more financially independent.
  • Dimbaya, a village far away from medical treatment has now a children’s ward thanks to the association


Articles of assosiation

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