Internship at the kindergarten in Gambia

What we offer!


For interns there is a possibility to help and live some time in our projects and gain new experiences. Onsite are different applications possible from pedagogical work up to handcraft work. Each kindergarten has lodgings with sleeping and living areas, cooking possibilities and sanitary furnishings. Two interns can be accommodated at the same time.


The villages Dimbaya, Tubakuta and Sanyang are close by the bigger village Brikama with shopping opportunities and internet cafes.


What we expect!


The minimum age of the interns should be 21 and we expect good English language skills. Besides the social commitment you should be interested in the Gambian culture, have respect and adaptability towards the life style of the Gambian people. We expect you to be independent and responsible minded in the daily work and in the household management as well as in the work of the kindergarten. For the work in the kindergarten you should bring in your own initiative, creativity and flexibility.


Health care and health precaution


For entry to Gambia a yellow fever vaccination is useful. Vaccinations against sicknesses like Hepatitis A/B, meningococcal disease/meningitis and tetanus are advisable. More information also about malaria prophylaxis you will get from a specialist in tropical medicine. We accept no liability for the information we provide for medical care. Our interns and guest are responsible for themselves and their health during their travel.


They should get examined before and after the trip by a specialist in tropical medicine and travel medicine.


For mosquito prevention you should use a mosquito net and insect repellent and for the evenings long-sleeved and light clothes. During the day it’s warm therefore you also need short clothes. 


The pants should at least cover the knees out of consideration for the Muslim people.


Currency und entry


The local Gambian currency is Dalasi. The easiest way is you exchange the money locally. There are cash dispensers in Serekunda and Banjul, the best is you go there during the working hours in case you might have difficulties and need help.


For the entry in Gambia you need a valid passport. Useful is a foreign health insurance and a travel cancellation insurance. Valuables can be stowed in a safe in the headquarter.